SSL Certificate

If you sell online, you have to make transactions secure for your customers. To do this, you should encrypt data using an SSL certificate which we will provide you with. If you don’t have SSL, Google will mark your site as ‘not secure’ and payment gateways may not let you use their services to sell goods directly from your site – you may need to send them to another site to take the payment.

The recent flaw in Wi-Fi, known as KRACK, has also seen antivirus companies telling their customers to only use sites with SSL certificates (i.e. those that have addresses beginning with HTTPS).  If you are selling online, make sure your web host provides SSL certificates. This is not a tool for those selling online but to all websites since you need to encrypt and protect your data. With the increased phishing malice, people currently rarely open unprotected websites.

We ensure strong gateways to our hosted sites. For websites dealing with users’ data like signup and private information; you need not to worry for we guarantee non compromise on security of your sensitive data.

SSL Certificate
Ksh. 2100/year
  • DV - Domain Validation
  • EV- Extended Validation
  • OV - Organizational Validation
  • MD - Multi-domain/SAN/UCC
  • Wildcard
  • MS - Misc. Products
  • CS- Code signing